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pieces of nature in ruins

In a room, three residents are waiting.
A table, three chairs, a clock, an armchair, a radio.
This is a common room. A space for being together, a space where one is alone.
Nothing happens. We wait for the doctor, a call, a visit.

In this closed world, where time seems to have a hold only on the bodies, three residents face the joys and tragedies of their daily lives. What do you do when the green plants turn into a forest of fir trees, the storm tears down the walls and there is no one to serve the next meal?

HOME is a show that questions the place of retirement homes.
Based on documentary research carried out by the team in a medicalised retirement home in Brussels, the Malibran residence, we sought to understand the specific nature of these places and the way in which life is organised there.

This show aims to give an account of the temporality and atmosphere so particular to these homes, through the daily life of the residents who live there. This everyday life where their relationship to life, to others and to their own memories are intertwined with malice.

Maeterlinck Prize for the Best Discovery 2020

With les voix des résident·e·s du home Malibran.

Directing Magrit Coulon 

Interpretation Carole Gantner, Anaïs Aouat, Tom Geels

Dramaturgy Bogdan Kikena 

Collaboration on physical work Natacha Nicora

Sound design Olmo Missaglia en alternance avec Barbara Juniot  

Light design Elsa Chêne

Set design Irma Morin 

Production Meryl Moens

Production Nature II, Festival de Liège, MoDul in coproduction with  la maison de la culture de Tournai/ maison de création, le Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

With the help of Ministère de la Culture de la Fédération Wallonie- Bruxelles - Service du Théâtre, l'INSAS, Fondation Marie-Paule Delvaux Godenne, L'Escaut Architecture, La Chaufferie-Acte1, La FACT, Le Théâtre des Doms, l'Ancre – Théâtre Royal, Le Bocal.
Thanks to the staff of Malibran home, Stéphane Olivier, Christine Grégoire, Michel Van Slijpe.

HOME receives the support of ONDA - National Office of Artistic Diffusion.

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