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All destroyed cities look the same

"Attention marvellous attraction attention!
MEMED (European Museum of Memory and Destruction) is coming to your town! We're looking for visitors for the MEMED!"

With war raging in Europe, visitors have stopped coming and the guardians of MEMED (European Museum of Memory and Destruction) are wondering about their future.
Where have all the visitors gone? How can you live when you feel useless? And what's the point of MEMED?

Conception Magrit Coulon et Bogdan Kikena

Interpretation Jules Bisson, Pascal Jamault, Maya Lombard

Writing and dramaturgy Bogdan Kikena 

Directing Magrit Coulon 


Production Nature II

With the support of Théâtre Océan Nord, la Chaufferie-Acte1, Festival de Liège/Factory, la Fabrique de Théâtre, le Bocal, le BAMP, Un Festival à Villerville.

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